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Love Letters to Prospect Development

Mon, February 25, 2019 7:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As love is in the air, we will share what we love about prospect development. Follow our weekly series (four entries throughout February) to discover the humor, pathos, and irony that comes from our ranks of Apra-IL members. You'll enjoy limericks, long-form poems, and odes to all aspects of Prospect Development and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

Devoted to My Database

By: Alex Mendez, Advancement Business Solutions Consultant, Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association and Treasurer, Apra-WI

The greatest foundation for any loving relationship is good communication. When moving in tandem, a synchronized pair can overcome even the most treacherous scenarios.

I’ve heard it over and over, but it wasn’t until I began working in prospect research that I came to really know the saying to be true. On my first day, I met a partner I’d soon come to rely on to get me through my most difficult challenges. I faced frustrations daily; losing hours in bottomless research. But my companion would never dwell on my mistakes. My every request was met with an instant response; I was understood. I counted on this knowing. Together, work became easier.

Eventually I learned the shortcomings. Came to appreciate the oddities. Love the quirks that encouraged our overwhelming oneness. Our symbiotic brilliance. And for two years I nurtured the relationship. But the flaws continued to creep into focus and the deficiencies began to pile high. I’d lose time trying to explain, wanting nothing more than to cut ties and proceed on my own. Then suddenly, as if overnight, I felt my perfect partner return to me. I began to receive the responses I’d longed for. The reactions I’d wished for; improvements I imagine we both wanted.

Again, I felt comfort and love for the coworker I needed most: my database. I'm thankful for our application developers and business intelligence teams for restoring our connection. Every newly required field, form, prompt and process improves our bond. We move as one. We research faster. Our communication is as smooth as ever. And now, again, the love and understanding feels shared.


  • Mon, February 25, 2019 8:09 AM | WFAA Co-worker
    LOVE the way your brain thinks, Alex!
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  • Mon, February 25, 2019 8:25 AM | Nicole Heiman
    "Love the quirks that encouraged our overwhelming oneness." Alex Mendez, thank you, this was such a joy to read!
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  • Mon, February 25, 2019 9:44 AM | Wendy Dee
    Ahh, this is beautiful and delightful!
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  • Mon, February 25, 2019 9:48 AM | Emily
    This made me appreciate our database a little more, flaws and all. :)
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