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Love Letters to Prospect Development

Mon, February 18, 2019 7:12 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As love is in the air, we will share what we love about prospect development. Follow our weekly series (four entries throughout February) to discover the humor, pathos, and irony that comes from our ranks of Apra-IL members. You'll enjoy limericks, long-form poems, and odes to all aspects of Prospect Development and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

Passionate for Profiles

By: Joan Ogwumike, Founding Principal at Jstrategies and Prospect Research Analyst for Principal Gifts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dear Research Profile,

I write to you in a feverish dismay, longing for the next time we meet. For it has been two days since we were last together and time passes as though it works against our love. A day draws as though it fills its morning, noon, and night with envy and spite.

When shall we meet again?

Will Monday never come? For I await our reunion and welcome it with open arms.

Imagine, a new prospect awaits us and discoveries trickle from the tips of my fingers to your pages. I hope you reminisce on the fulfillment you gain when you learn biographical, business, philanthropic, and asset information.

Hold on to the fond memories, as we wait. For we must painfully grapple with the reality of time and its vengeance on our love.

But do not fear as I, dear profile, I know you long for our time together.

“Haste Monday, swiftly,” I say to it, “there is work to be done, asks to be made, and capacity ratings to be given.”

Our time together will be upon us once more. Slowly, but it comes as I impatiently wait.

My dear sweet, enriching, purpose-driven profile, I wait for you.


Your loving Researcher


  • Mon, February 18, 2019 11:07 AM | Anonymous
    Lol - this seems like a slightly unhealthy relationship with your prospect profiles. But I do love this :)
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