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Mon, May 18, 2020 12:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Apra-IL recognizes and acknowledges the heaviness and anxiety that many are experiencing due to the pandemic, and is starting this new series entitled, The Prospect Development Professional’s Haven, as a calming and reflective safe space. We are providing a space for you to anonymously share questions and reflections during these difficult times, pertaining to your work and role because many can relate. In times like this, you have to know that you are never alone.

Disclaimer: The Apra-IL writer is not a licensed therapist or counselor, therefore, please seek professional guidance beyond this series.

Question: Working from home and social distancing has been hard, and a new normal for me. I’ve struggled with conducting research while knowing that many people are losing their jobs and income every day. So, how do I juggle with this reality and what is happening around me, while analyzing a millionaire’s multiple properties and total compensation?

An Answer: There is no right way to juggle these experiences as a prospect researcher (during an 8-hour shift) and be a human being who cares about social inequalities. An option that many have shared is that aside from socially distancing, they have also decreased the amount of news and negative and/or sad stories they consume, just to maintain a leveled- approach to the pandemic and its effects on their community.

But it's hard to know that people are struggling all at the same time, its overwhelming. Therefore, how you are thinking of it should shift from wanting to “juggle” to “acceptance”. Allow yourself to accept that this is what the world is experiencing right now, and that this is your job. 

Sometimes, juggling two extremes can put unwarranted pressure on someone to be in two mental spaces at once – when you drop one you feel sad for being more engaged in another. Accept that in your new normal, there are people who are still millionaires, you are still a researcher who has great work to do, and your world and community is hurting but it will regain itself slowly. You can do both in this time, and by accepting you are alleviating the pressure of caring about one more than the other. 

Let’s try this, close your eyes and imagine yourself literally juggling two oranges from one hand to another. It's hard right? This is what you are mentally experiencing. Now, put both oranges down on a table. And imagine yourself looking at the two oranges equally sitting on a flat surface – this is acceptance. 

Try to move away from juggling to acceptance, and see how that makes you feel. 

Thank you for sharing your valid feelings with The Prospect Development Professional’s Haven.

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