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50 Shades of Prospect Development

Thu, April 26, 2018 11:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Created by: Joan Ogwumike, Principle Gifts, Prospect Research Analyst, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Founding Principal, Jstrategies

Apra-IL presents 50 Shades of Prospect Development; a series of illustrations that seek to provide a visual depiction of the complexities in all aspects of the Prospect Development field. Each colorful image will represent the emotional ups and downs, moments of pride, successful projects and relationships, conflicts with our co-workers/technology/work-life balance, and/or opportunities for growth we find in our careers.

The field of Prospect Development, in name is still growing; but in theory, it has supported and made great impact on different areas in Development/Fundraising for decades. From the Development Generalist, who wears many hats, to the External Affairs Manager who works to prioritize outreach with curated lists from Research, to the Executive Director at a nonprofit who uses analytics and research to drive the mission - all the fields or offices represented, and more have in some way utilized the skills of Prospect Development professionals. And Apra-IL recognizes your consistent impact.

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