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Thankful Researchers and Prospect Managers

Mon, November 21, 2016 8:55 AM | Deleted user

As the season turn to winter, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! This year, we asked APRA IL members what they are most thankful for in the profession. See the myriad things they are thankful for below:

Karla Y. Davis

As my term as board secretary comes to a close, I’m thankful for the other members of APRA-Illinois that I’ve been privileged to work with.

John P. Gough

I’m thankful for database admins that just get it, enthusiastic student interns, advancement executives that understand the power of strategically applied data analysis, and MGO’s that appreciate the value of accurate and timely data entry

Katie Ingrao

This year I am thankful, as I am every year, for the amazing work done by the APRA-IL volunteers! Our chapter has amazing members willing to put forth the extra effort to bring great programming, resources, and collegiality to our professional field.

Christina Lanzona

I am thankful for a healthy operating budget and the day off to watch the Cubs victory parade!

Joan Ogwumike

As a development professional who conducts research for prospective individuals and foundations, I am very thankful for current annual reports and 990 forms. 

Elisa Shoenberger

I am also thankful for the availability of IRS 990 Forms. There’s so much information on those documents that can tell you so much about the organization, especially when there is not a lot on their website.

I’m also thankful for all the support staff that make our work possible. Our support staff updates records based on our work with obituaries; they help with the formatting of our research products. They provide us data and so much more. Thanks to you all!

From all the members of APRA IL, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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